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I guess it’s fitting that in Phoenix, a city named for a mythical creature that arises from the ashes of its predecessor, Peter Strojnik Sr. is once again filing ADA lawsuits (despite being disbarred for filing ADA lawsuits in 2018).

In the last 30 days Mr. Strojnik Sr. has filed nine ADA lawsuits against hotels and other places of accommodation here in Phoenix. While he is no longer licensed to practice law, he is still technically permitted to represent himself in lawsuits pro per. Thus, he is now filing ADA lawsuits as the plaintiff, alleging that he himself is disabled, and that he has been discriminated against by the defendants. He is also asserting state law claims for negligence and negligence per se and claiming damages up to $75,000.00.

I have litigated more than 300 ADA cases with Strojnik Sr. and generally have a pretty good sense for his strategy and approach. I believe the reason he is asserting state law negligence claims is so that he can seek large damages amounts and potentially trigger the defendants’ general liability insurance policies. Insurance companies tend to be risk adverse and Strojnik Sr. is likely hoping that an insurance company would rather settle the case than fund a defense.

Having analyzed his legal claims, I believe that there are a number of strategies that defendants could use to prevail on these cases in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

If you have been sued by Strojnik Sr. I strongly recommend that you consult with a knowledgeable and experienced ADA defense attorney as to your options.

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