You can’t afford to miss these crucial tips on online wills

Online wills are still very necessary even if you don’t have much property and your dream house remains a fantasy. To ensure that your family is taken care of in the event of the unexpected, making sure your last will and testament are ready to go should be your first priority. Leaving everything in its current state may make a world of difference tomorrow, particularly in times of difficulty.

handling challenging circumstances Life isn’t always simple; there could be complications with your family, your financial situation, your company, etc. The best part is that your online will is tailored to your particular circumstances. The most effective way to ensure this is to think about, consult, and discuss the situation with a lawyer or maybe even a professional will writer. By doing this, you can make sure your desires are accurately recorded.

Before creating your online wills, you should carefully consider any circumstances that would be regarded as difficult, such as: 

  • omitting a beneficiary who you would normally expect to benefit from them
  • a prior marriage or divorce
  • providing for a beneficiary with special needs.
  • running a self-managed superannuation fund
  • serving as a director of a corporation
Online wills

Make sure you clearly describe these particular conditions to the will writer, such as the reason you may want to exclude someone or give them a smaller amount than they may seem to get. If a claim is brought against your estate, this information may be kept on file and explained.

When your circumstances are not fully clear-cut, we strongly advise seeing a professional will writer make sure your desires are accurately documented.

selecting an executor Your executor is the person or organization that you choose to carry out your ultimate desires as stated in your online wills. Your executor is in charge of managing your estate after your death.

Executor duties should not be taken lightly. A loved one who receives a nomination may be quite honored, but they will likely need some time and the necessary skills to carry out the job.

In general, if naming a person, choose someone who is a designated beneficiary of the estate. For someone who has no stake in the estate, being forced to serve as executor is often a burdensome procedure. Visit to read about Your questions on online wills answered.

This paper includes a definition of the position and a list of all the responsibilities an executor must fulfill. You may use it as a reference or share it with your chosen executor thanks to this free download.

There may not be someone suitable for the job in certain circumstances. Alternatively, if there is a chance of family disputes and it is not possible to choose a regular individual to do this task, you could think about naming State Trustees as your executor. When you pass away, your family may find comfort in this. It costs money to use an impartial executor agency, so be sure you are aware of all the prices and expenditures. They’ll profit off your estate.

Are online wills legal?

Are online wills legal?

We often get inquiries concerning the legal validity of our online wills. In a nutshell, they certainly are! However, there are a number of steps that must be taken in order to complete it and satisfy Australia’s legal will requirements. The laws regulating online wills and estates online vary by province, but the general criteria are the same all around the nation.

It’s critical to understand that a will’s legal validity in Australia is not determined by whether it was drafted by an attorney or by the specific location or way in which it was done.

What qualifies as valid online wills in Australia?

No matter how you choose to draft your last will and testament, the following elements must be included for it to be enforceable in Australia:

  • You must be of legal age in your province – The age at which you may form a will varies by province, and some jurisdictions enable several people to do so as long as they have been married, had children, and have a common-law spouse. The age restrictions per province are transferred over in our glossary.
  • You wrote it in your head, which is wonderful since you have a rational mind and are conscious of what you are doing.
  • A wet signature was obtained in the presence of two witnesses 

The testator must print out a typed will and sign it with ink at the end of the document (you, the creator of the will). Only the printed and signed version of the will is recognized by the law. Making it feasible for citizens to sign, witness, and preserve their online wills entirely online, with the exception of British Columbia.

  • Must be signed in the presence of the testator and two witnesses; neither of the witnesses may be a beneficiary of the testator’s inheritance. Recognize that the testator’s signature or his or her acceptance of the witness’s signature must come first.

If the will is not properly signed, it is not legally binding, and you will probably be regarded as having passed away intestate.

With our assistance, you will be guided through the full process of making sure the online document you want to use is legitimate and lawful. Each of our papers includes an instruction page that lists the criteria in your province as well as information on witnesses. All of our electronic papers include signature and first boxes that make it apparent where each signer is supposed to place their signature.

What qualifies as valid online wills in Australia?

Holographic online wills, which you have written on paper, are free from the aforementioned requirements. Normally, holographic will don’t need two witnesses. However, it’s important to be aware that holographic wills are not recognized in PEI and are not lawful in BC if you possess real property (such as a house).

The benefits of this service do not stop here, with clients deciding to prepare their online wills online facing the incredibly high chances of not having their will prepared by a professional. Get started making a Will by clicking here.

If you think it sounds way too good to be true, you most likely aren’t. The main issue with online wills would be they tend to go wrong very quickly.